Worbington Steele
About Us
Worbington Steele is a home based business
established in 2005

The birth of this business came about because of my love for
karate combined with my talents as a machinist. Throughout  all
of my training and teaching years I have been modifying
weapons for myself and my students.

As a martial artist I know that sometimes it takes more than talent
to master a weapon. My goal is to combine my knowledge and
expertise as a machinist with my weapons training experience
and offer weapons that are custom fitted and personalized.

Our motto, and one of our karate codes, "
A persons unbalance
is the same as a weight,
" is my trademark and guaranty that my
weapons are designed with the serious practitioner in mind. Let
me build a weapon for you that is an extension of the weapons
master that you are and can become. A weapon that is custom
fitted and balanced to help you achieve your goals as a serious
weapons practitioner.

As a student of karate a person that has reached the level of
weapons practitioner has achieved a momentous milestone in
their karate training. Let Worbington Steele help you to catapult  
your weapons training to the next level of perfection . .
A perfect fit for the serious trainer
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