Worbington Steele
Sai's are made of stainless steel  (to protect against rusting)
Custom Made -  means literally "custom made." Pick your style, pick your
color (handle wrap) and you can even pick the metal treatment application
technique that defines your weapon.
Bright, shiny, polished steel
Antique Finish
Gold Finish
****************************CUSTOM MADE*****************************
Looking for a unique durable handcrafted hard to find weapon? Look no
more . .
Double-end Chinese spear
Manji Sai
Click for larger
Color of wrap (red, wine, black, green, blue)
Handle butt shape (cone, round with flat end, ball, oval etc,)
Polished, antique or gold (not recommended for contact) metal
finish (all done by heat treatment, not a coating)
Kanji and/or English engraving if desired. First five characters
per sai free ($5.00 per character per sai after that)
Payment options include:
Checks/money orders. (Address for checks or money orders:
1825 Nantes Court Spring Hill Tn. 37174)