Shop Talk
When I first started making weapons I made them for myself or for karate friends and students. I
have been making and modifying weapons for over 25 years. It has taken me years of practice, lots
of mistakes, and a ton of patience to develop what I consider a unique  weapon in appearance but
more important a weapon that is superior for training.
"A persons unbalance is the same as a weight"

Before I make a weapon I consider the person that will be using this weapon.
The sai is my favorite weapon and I have devoted a lot of my training enthusiasm into this weapon
because of my desire  to perfect my own performance. Unlike the bo or tonfa it is more difficult to
buy a sai that is designed to work easily. In my early years of training I worked with the weapons I
had and adjusted my training to accommodate my weapon. I found most of them to be either too
long or short to fit my hand, too narrow or too wide across the width of my hand and almost always
too heavy at the handle which resulted in awkward flipping and handling of the weapon.
Being a machinist I started modifying my weapons almost immediately trying to find a weapon that I
was comfortable with and one that I felt was a real fit for me. After years of working with different
styles I eventually developed what I consider a superior product that can easily be made to fit any
martial artist.
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